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About My Blog

I am mother of two simply sharing my life Journey through this Blog with others just like you.

You could say that I’m just livin’ the dream high atop a mountainside in the Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado. For the past 10 years I’ve spent thousands of hours researching and applying an easier, less stressful approach to life.

The purpose of my blog is to inspire others just like you through my own experiences, and share with people what I have truly found to work in everyday life situations.

My blog is also intended to be an enlightening resource for both men and women who struggle with feelings of guilt – unworthiness – minor addictions to various substances – shame, blame and the list goes on and on…

In each one of my blogs you will adventure into stories about my everyday success and failure throughout the process of simply practicing what I’ve learned through my research and studies.

The ride has been wild but very interesting!

My advice is based on hundred’s of professional theories and personally implemented strategies for which I have encountered along the way. Mostly you will find my experience comes from spiritual, medical, psychological, life coaches, motivational speakers, network marketing, hypnotherapy, religions, and many more areas of interest on my quest to be a better me.

Here are a few of the topics that I will be addressing in my  blog post…

 Awareness -Acceptance
Your Inner Being – Forgiveness
Letting Go and Letting God
Meditation – Hypnosis


Addictions – Changing Habits 
Smoking – Drinking – Drugs 

Sharing & Caring
Freedom of choice



Work / Job / Career
Making the best of your work environment


Please feel free to contact me if you would like
to visit one on one about any of these topics.

My goal is to listen to where you are coming from and
find small common sense ways to get you headed on the
right path to being a better you.


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