It’s Christmastime! A time that’s suppose to be filled with joy and happiness but why are so many of us depressed and freaked out at the mere thought of having to go to the mall or even open our computer to shop online? Why? Is it money?pexels-photo-164661 Of course it’s money – in the end it’s always money or so we think.

Do we not have enough money to buy the gifts or even know what to buy for those we love? Have we been forced to work overtime just to pay the credit card debt off from last year’s Christmas? Or maybe, just maybe… Is it that we don’t have the available credit or cash this year?

Is it the fear that we’ll purchase the wrong gift for our family member – because we really haven’t been paying close enough attention to even know what a thoughtful gift might look like to them?

Unfortunately, these are all valid reason’s or so we think.theme-christmas

What about those few thousand men (and women) who end up at Wal Mart or the local Mall on Christmas Eve. You know who I’m talking about – everyone’s seen them wandering aimlessly through the isles…

Is it because they were waiting on that last paycheck right before Christmas?  Was it because Christmas simply just snuck up on them, and they suddenly realized without a gift on Christmas morning they would be in big trouble?

What about the fifty five year old man who’s never bought a package of underwear in his entire life – because he went from mommy to wife. Now he’s on his own, recently divorced and certainly terrified at the thought of actually having to go and physically make such a decision in uncharted territory.pexels-photo-186613

The truth is it’s probably a combination of many of the above and much more that cause us to experience anxiety about the Holiday’s but never fear… there is always one thing you can do to attain instant relief and NO, it’s not putting a Xanax under your tongue.
All anyone need do – is merely close your eyes and take ONE deep 

The stress of daily life in general is killing us mainly because of an innate coping mechanisms for which stems from the good, bad or indifferent environment that we grew up in as children – thus becoming the portal for our life habit of thought.pexels-photo-23971 So, does that mean the mere thought of something such as Holiday shopping – or larger crowds of people coming to our home for a Holiday dinner, can trigger enormous amounts of stress? YES! But that’s okay and normal. In retrospect most of the time it has very little to do with money – it has to do with the fact that we are all wired differently.

The one most common (free and easy) thing that we can do to re-focus on what is really important – is to take a very deep BREATH then BLOW it out really hard – two or three would be better. I suggest this be done in private for it seems to authenticate the process and be more effective. Breathe in the good energy and BLOW out the STRESS!! Don’t take it out on someone you love! 

Remember those one or two friends you may have had as a kid that had parent’s who seem to be walking around the house singing Christmas songs all year round – and no matter the circumstance, they never let anything get them down.
family-kids-happy-people-46252  I had a one of those friends –  and just absolutely loved hanging around
her and her parent’s. I  now wonder if they all just sat
BREATHING and meditating all of the time.
Although, as a kid I had no idea what that delicious airy feeling was inside
me that made every part of me smile when I was around them and for days afterwards.
 Now I truly realize that is was the magic of what life
is supposed to be, “Peaceful Loving Energy”.

Nevertheless, I was like the majority of our society falling victim to the constant stressors of everyday things in my life that truly didn’t matter but I reacted to. Now, throw a big holiday like Christmas in the mix and man oh man, the confusion in my mind started driving my emotions like a runaway train going downhill on an icy track.

The Holiday’s are truly a wondrous time of the year and we should do our best in trying to relax – just let your “Drunk Uncle” feel like he’s the life of the party; go ahead and listen to his world views from the inside a bottle of Jack Daniels – does it really matter? holidays-dinner-eating-lunch

Don’t fret when the kitchen’s so hot and full of people who you want to scream – just walk outside for a minute and take a deep breath and be thankful that you can breathe and that you do have people who care and love you enough to come and celebrate the Holiday at your house.

If buying a gift is a struggle – let go of the inner anxiety gnawing at your stomach, buy what you can, or write something thoughtful and nice to those you love. I find thattexture-handwriting-sutterlin-vintage-99562 writing something heartfelt to a person is the most powerful and meaningful gift you can give.

Life is too short to be overwhelmed or worried by what you have no control over. People for the most part – understand and are forgiving but if they’re not, then so be it, it’s not your problem. The most important thing to remember this Holiday Season – is to BREATHE!

Just stop for one single moment before you get out of the car at the mall or grocery store, wherever you might incur anxiety and take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose – hold it for 6 to 8 seconds and then slowly release the breath out of your mouth.

Two or three breaths would be better but one is enough to help you through the next stopping place with less stress. Why this is so important is because it stops all of the thoughts running rampantly through your mind.pexels-photo-54200

It is impossible to have thought’s while taking aConscious Breath”  if only for 10 seconds. This feels awesome once you get the hang of it and is very addictive – but a great thing to be addicted to.

Now you have a new tool in your toolbox for coping better thus, causing your face to tighten up less – thus, reducing wrinkles… HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!box-christmas-claus-cute-41547

Happy Holiday’s to All!