What a great time to be alive in America! th2017

Here are 9 things you can do to improve the SUCCESS of your New Year Goals: 

  1. Be Grateful for everything; including the bad for that is where we learn what we don’t want in our lives. The more grateful we are – the more we receive.
  2. Be Aware of everything you want to change in your life but do nothing to change it. The AWARENESS will eventually do the work for you.
  3. Love Yourself. Then everyone around you will follow your lead by the energy you will be emitting. Your family will greatly benefit from this… it feels so good. 
  4. Live in the Moment! Don’t hold onto the past… look forward to the future and respect the beauty of the NOW that you’re in. For that is really all that we have “Right now in this moment”. 
  5. Relinquish Resistance to everything. Do you really need to fight every single emotion, ideas of others? Just try to not have an opinion ever single time and start saying “Okay”, and see what happens. If you don’t make it the gym, so what. If you do eat that piece of pie, say “I don’t know why I’m eating this; I want to be healthy and slim”. Then go ahead and eat it. Eventually, you won’t even crave sweets.
  6. Write Your Story. Journal your life. This is the best therapy money can’t buy. When we write things down we lift them from our thoughts and over evaluating our life or what others think. 
  7. Laugh Out Loud! Laugh at yourself, laugh with others, no matter how or where –  just laugh. 
  8. Have Compassion for your fellow-man and start with your own family and friends. Don’t take things personal… remember, they may be having a bad day or going through tough times – and you’re the closest one for them to sound out their frustration on. 
  9. Be Forgiving. The Bible says that we cannot be forgiven of our own sins until we forgive those who have sinned against us. No matter your religion, this makes sense and falls in the same categories of loving yourself, living in the moment, being grateful, and having compassion. It always feels so much better to forgive someone; even if you never talk to them again… it will have lifted a weight off of your shoulders. Also, if someone cannot forgive you – that’s not your problem.


Keep in mind as the New Year is here; we are not perfect nor will we ever be perfect. All of us are constantly evolving. Just take a look at pictures of yourself 15 years ago and you’ll see that you look much different. Hopefully, you feel different on the inside too, and are a better person in your mind and heart. I’m sure you are! 

“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.”
– Charles Kettering

May your new year be filled with PEACE and JOY!