Do you often feel like everyone else is doing a better job at life than you are?

Do you continuously regret decisions that you’ve made and use the word, “Should”  as a form of reasoning?

Do you sometimes just feel like giving up and recoiling from society as a whole?

Do you ever feel like everyone is prettier/more handsome, smarter or in better shape than you?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to other parents while doubting your own parenting style?

If any one of these particular feelings or any other feelings that you may be experiencing seems to hit home – then listen up!

It’s OKAY!
That’s it – “It’s Okay”.

Coaching Session Over.
Not that easy is it?

It’s not that easy to just say, “OKAY” and move forward feeling that all your problems are solved. However the fact is – that by simply recognizing the words, “I’m Okay”, means that you’re half way to getting on with living an easier, less stressful life while feeling good about YOU.


Although in reality, the word, “Okay” on its own isn’t quite enough to stop the acid from churning in your stomach, because you don’t have enough money to pay the phone bill and you’re worrying that the world as you know it will come to an end because you “Should have”… saved more money but you didn’t – you shouldn’t have bought that new pair of shoes but you did – we shouldn’t have gone out to eat so many times last week but we did.

Those times are over and you
can’t go back.
Forget about it!

I remember one day while going through some very difficult times in my life. Despite everything – I was determined to maintain a POSITIVE attitude if it killed me.

images-3 For a month or so, when life seemed unmanageable I would repeat in my head or out loud these two words; “I’m Okay”. I had repeated these words over and over again – and while those two words would temporarily sooth and restrain me from bursting into tears – one day it just wasn’t enough, everything wasn’t okay, and my future looked extremely glum.

While driving to work I lost it, I began to hit the steering wheel with the palm of my hands as hard as I could while screaming, “You’re fucking NOT okay – why in the hell do you keep telling yourself this?” Then I began to cry, I must have cried the entire 45 minutes to work, and I’m not talking about that tiny, trickling tear down the side of your face kind of cry, I mean a full-blown – snot blowing kind of bawling.images-5Once at work, sitting in my cubical filled with motivational sticky notes that  I’d pinned to the fabric walls of every side…for which just seem to make things even worse…it dawned on me – I am okay. This is when I begin taking inventory of all of the things that I had to be grateful for. One of those things was my job and the fact that I could step it up a bit and just make more money.

Now on my drive home that evening I started a new dialog in my head – telling myself, “You are okay, I’ll just make more money”. Even though not one single thing had changed (except my attitude). “I’m okay, I’ll just make more money”, became my new mantra – and by the end of that very same pay period, I had made and additional $500.00 in sales, it then just kept coming… images-1I was promoted the next month (based on merit) to Senior Sales Consultant which came with an additional $2,000.00 a year raise. Then two  month later my boss called me into his office and said, “We are opening a new division and would like for you to be a part of our new team. Also, it would mean an addition $5,000.00 a year in pay and we’re upping the commission structure. What do think? Are you in? Standing there in awe, I said slowly, “Okay – thank you?”. 

I really was OKAY and amazed at how my life had went from a hot mess doubting everything I had been learning about the power of intention while wondering how in hell  I was going to pay my bills…to now having created a seven thousand dollar a year raise in my base salary and an even better commission structure with higher earning potential within two months. All I could attribute it to was simply a re-wording of my inner dialog and being aware that I really was OKAY.  

The realization of being okay can sometimes be hard when things seem impossible and giving up would be easier, or just taking someone’s shit instead of leaning into what really makes you happy. Sometimes this may mean temporarily utilizing your resources more wisely by taking a pay cut in order to pursue your true dreams and desires – it works both ways but it is always up to you where you want to go. 

With the words, “I’m Okay”, must follow a mindset for a solution meaning; you must be open to believing in the words you repeat in your mind and believe in your potential to move forward and then let go and be receptive to what God/Universe is wanting to give you. 

Such as if you’re overweight then trust and feel ease in the words “I’m Okay, I’ll just lose weight”. If you feel dumb then just tell yourself, “I’m Okay, I’ve gotten this far in life, I’ll just get smarter”, and so on…

If you mess up – so what, the trick isn’t what you do; it’s what
you’re telling yourself.
If you clear your mind the right people, places, and things will start
showing up and help you get to your destination. 

You really don’t even need to have any certain laid out plan – the plan is secondary; you’ll see – it will just happen and the weight will fall off, the money will come, the kids will become less resistant, and you’ll really be “OKAY”, everyone will be better – if you can just get past your own limiting thoughts and get on with your life.

A lifetime of limited thinking and bad habits are hard to lay down, and there are times that you will see no immediate results – then one day, what you want and more will be knocking your door down; be patient with yourself. images-11

Good Luck and Happy Thoughts!
You Really Are – Already OKAY!
Believe and You Shall Receive!

Peace & Love My Friend!