Are you feeling – Shame, Guilt, Frustration, Anger, Confusion, Unworthiness? Are you fearful of others judging you because of your imperfections? We all have these feelings. Don’t worry this is what makes us human.

We are always looking for an easy way to confront and conquer our past and the stress of everyday life but it seems we’re never complete. We read – we listen, we go to seminars, we go to church; all in search of that magical feeling of peace on earth and within our hearts. We ask ourselves questions like…

How do I live in the moment? {Breathe}

Is it really even possible?  {Yes}

Bah humbug, prayer, meditation. Who has the time?  {You Do}

Does this mindfulness thing really work or are we all pretending? {Some are. Some are not. Being Aware is the Answer.}

On the outside, most of us hold it together for the sake of sanity while hiding whatever vice we use to comfort ourselves. We put on a good front for our peers and family by looking as though we are on top of the world. 

Forget It People, Perfection Does Not Exist. Period!

I grew up in Oklahoma practicing Christianity and still consider myself a Christian today.  Hold on a minute – Can I still consider myself a Christian even after realizing there is more to me than what is written in the Bible? Of course, with doubt comes guilt and a huge fear of possibly being wrong. Crazy but interwoven in my head from childhood that there was only one way to believe. Anything else would buy you a quick trip to Hell. 

I say this because there are many Spiritual Guru’s who live in a high state of consciousness walking around on Earth today. Teaching and practicing that God lives inside of us. These are the men and women for who I continuously learn and recognize their semi-perfected footprints here on our beautiful Planet.

I love the fact that they teach me to love me first because that is where God resides, inside of me, inside of my head. They gracefully allow me to open up and to be grateful and respectful of others and show compassion and love to everyone including those who believe differently from me.

No Judging, No Blaming, No Shaming, No Excuses;

Only Pure Love and Forgiveness.

No Rules, Just Right!

I further understand my benefiting from the pureness in their messages of healing miracles for which they assist us in performing daily. The small inconspicuous healings of our mind and bodies. Simply by giving us maps and tools for reaching deeper inside of our Inner Being.

Hey, this sounds a bit like “What Jesus did” 

This is my life, and I’m going to believe and do what makes me feel good and get rid of these mindsets (memes as Wayne Dyer has called them) get rid of a lifetime of guilt and shame for not conforming to others belief’s that just don’t make sense to me anymore.

Wow! I already feel better!

I absolutely understand that we all need to believe in something, and that organized religion gives people a sense of belonging; being a part of something bigger than just themselves and that in itself is wonderful.

Organized religion brings communities together and for the most part, they truly want to give back to society. And that’s a good thing.

What I don’t understand is why some would be drawn into the ancient teachings of Hell and Damnation and stand in constant judgment of their fellow-man. 

In understanding both sides of feeling the need to be a part of something bigger; I have found that the “Bigger Part” resides inside of me. Anywhere I go and congregate with other like-minded individuals (or not) only adds energy to the way I feel, and most certainly throws me into full alignment with my Inner Being; for which is always in a state of love and gratitude and never needs to be energized but get’s a real kick out of seeing me HIGH on life!images (10)

So in closing, does any of this really matter?

Yes it matters, it all matters 

It matters that you dig deep and let go of the core cause of shame, guilt, frustration, anger, confusion, unworthiness, and ridding yourself of the fear of being judged – by letting go – one day, one incident at a time.

By understanding that other people will always have an opinion about your life and a perception of who they think you are; for which is absolutely none of, “Your” business, and frankly, none of their’s either. But we cannot control other’s, we can only control ourselves and our lives. The best way to do this is to retrain yourself by replacing those feelings with love & compassion for the world around you. 

Our Inner Being – Our God, doesn’t feel anything
other than
Love and has NO rules on what we should or shouldn’t do.
Awareness is action that needs no tending – it is the answer

Understanding that your life will never be perfect – but living an authentic, peaceful and happy life is within our reach. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks – just work on being a better you and the rest will magically appear and a new season will soon arrive. 

Perfection Does Not Exist – So STOP Trying!

Awareness is the Key to Your Happiness! 

Peace & Love My Friend!