Imagine you’ve unintentionally and all of a sudden buckled yourself onto an emotional roller coaster, one that you’re not quite prepared to ride. Now desperately wanting to escape quickly, in hopes of not getting trapped in old “Pain-Bodies”, past familiar, unattractive behaviors.

Your mind is now spiraling out of control because of good intentions gone bad. You were simply trying to rekindle a relationship with a loved one or an old friend; only to be met with total rejection. Painful memories you had chosen to wipe clean in your head. When all of a sudden many years later you’re abruptly faced with reliving these painful memories all over again. The person that you’d hurt has never let go and all they can remember is the “Old You”, the one you can’t even remember.

images (2) Now releasing a past for which in an instance you begin to remember and feel unworthy, shame, blame, or maybe just not being appreciated by those you loved and tried to help – not realizing they never want your help or your love. Therefore, you finally gave up and walked away.
What do you do when without hesitation, the old you reemerge and thoughts of wanting to tell them to step off, you’re totally wrong. Who the hell are you to say these things to me? Snap into your head instantly.images (7) However, after one brief moment, you catch yourself and suddenly begin to cry but not for you. Your tears are those of empathy for the loved one who is hurting so bad inside because they’ve remained in the past, while you have forgiven yourself and moved on.

Compassion and Love are all you have to give – nothing else is an option. Even if that is shown by leaving them alone. This is when you know that you’ve awakened and there’s no turning back – only continuing in a  forward motion simply being “Aware” when these situations arise. Knowing that you are armed with trusting that your inner being/God is always guiding you in the right direction. If you will only still your mind and listen the right answer will come and then, you will know that you have arrived at your destination of being a better you. While opening your heart to other’s and asking forgiveness; for without the power of forgiveness we are lost souls.